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a shop where shoes are sold

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Is there a boutique and/or shoe store in Bahrain that sells these High Heel Wedge Sneakers?
Dow's Family Shoe Store carries shoes for all ages and all interests in different styles, colors and sizes, including hard-to-find sizes.
However, if you really want to experience the city's best shoe store - the kind of shoe store that could only exist in Eugene - you'll have to dive a little deeper downtown, through the glass doors of Shoe-a-holic on Willamette Street.
Trial and error in a running shoe store is inevitably the only way to ensure proper fit.
He often feels like much of his work at the running shoe store involves overcoming advertising messages.
During the dark years under Pinochet (1973-90), we observe their destinies, fatally intertwined through a string of brutal events occurring in Chile's poetry workshops, prisons, shoe stores, and brothels.
The US shoe store industry includes about 28,000 stores with combined annual revenue of about $27 billion.
Gonya owned and operated Henrys Shoe Store on Main St.
Find a good running shoe store to have your feet properly measured and fitted.
The kid nodded and gave her a smile that lighted up the whole shoe store.
The US shoe store industry includes about 30,000 stores with combined annual revenue of about $25 billion.
Founded in 1901 as a shoe store in Seattle, Nordstrom today operates 89 full-line stores, 47 Nordstrom Racks, five Faconnable boutiques, one free-standing shoe store, and one clearance store.
What would be a better location for a shoe store filled with fashion such as Bad?
Find a running shoe store where the employees are professionals who understand runners' needs and the differences in the shoes the sophisticated industry is producing.