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a substance used to produce a shiny protective surface on footwear


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Floor polish, metal polish and shoe polish are meanwhile all set to see weaker growth.
Product coverage: Floor Polish, Furniture Polish, Metal Polish, Shoe Polish.
The DU administration has already rusticated Raju Rawat, Joint Secretary DUSU for smearing shoe polish on South Campus director Umesh Rai.
London, February 19 ( ANI ): A new survey has revealed that pregnant mothers crave various crazy things like shoe polish, rubber and tennis balls, among many others.
Presently, items chargeable to sales tax at the retail stage included fruit and vegetable juices, ice cream, aerated waters or beverages, syrups and squashes, cigarettes, toilet soap, detergents, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream, perfumes and cosmetics, tea, powder drink, milky drink, toilet paper and tissue paper, spices sold in retail packing with brand names and trade marks and shoe polish and shoe cream.
According to Delta, the amenity kits will feature Malin+Goetz's Neroli hand & body lotion and lip moisturiser, a Tumi eye mask, socks, shoe horn, shoe polish, comb, dental kit, tissues, antibacterial wipes, earplugs and a pen.
SIR - Care is needed nowadays when singing the old song "Polly Wolly Doodle" (which refers to someone jumped on, being "thought he was a hoss") or when discussing certain types of brown shoe polish or those "Working On Government Service" in the days of Empire.
Inventor A invents a shoe polish for shining shoes (which for the sake of example is novel, useful, and non-obvious).
The FSSF was called the Black Devils Brigade because the men worked at night and covered their faces with black shoe polish.
Only when they're attempting to sell you shoe polish is there a brief moment's eye contact.
However the night before school is to start Dewey has an unfortunate accident with black shoe polish.
To ensure you don't sand off too much, use a contrasting shoe polish to mark the area.
Basil Wright, York IF you don't have any of the right colour shoe polish then an easy way to touch up scuff marks on shoes is to use a permanent felt-tip pen of the same colour as the shoe.
The Shoe for Aid campaign is supported by shoe polish company Kiwi, which is part of the Sara Lee group.
scrawled in shoe polish in foot-high letters across two windows and a sliding-glass door of her house.