shoe polish

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a substance used to produce a shiny protective surface on footwear


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Some mums even admitted to craving the smell of tree bark and shoe polish, while some claimed to have craved combinations of foods, including bananas with marmite, ice cream and chips and Nutella-topped cheese and onion crisps.
Batchelor, 17, was thrown in the cells after police caught him using black shoe polish to mark a bus shelter with his graffiti "signature", REZM.
To ensure you don't sand off too much, use a contrasting shoe polish to mark the area.
Basil Wright, York IF you don't have any of the right colour shoe polish then an easy way to touch up scuff marks on shoes is to use a permanent felt-tip pen of the same colour as the shoe.
The Shoe for Aid campaign is supported by shoe polish company Kiwi, which is part of the Sara Lee group.
AaSunflower oil, known for its delicious test and pure color, is used in many industries nowadays such as soap and shoe polish industry in addition to using it in cooking.
Other innovative inventions include a shoe polish booth and a sausage cooker.
I've been a reporter for over 30 years and during that time not one person has managed to smear shoe polish on my buttocks.
scrawled in shoe polish in foot-high letters across two windows and a sliding-glass door of her house.
Shoe polish Did you know there are at least 10 grades of shoe leather polish?
Boys aged 12-17 years were more likely to inhale nitrous oxide, sometimes sold in vials called whippets, to get high, but girls in that age range were more likely to use other forms of inhalants, including glue, shoe polish, spray paint, and aerosol hair sprays.
With a soft cloth, rub a small amount of brown cream shoe polish over the entire surface of the journal.
Future products were likely to include anything from makeup remover to shoe polish, he said.
Such products include glue, shoe polish, gasoline, lighter fluid, and the propellants in spray deodorant, hair sprays, and canned whipped cream.
The banned dye Sudan 1 - used to colour petrol and shoe polish - was in chilli powder added to flavour a large batch of Crosse & Blackwell Worcester Sauce, made by Premier Foods, of St Albans.