shoe leather

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leather used to make shoes

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The cobbler said "It's a shame that he's dead, "But I'll make his headstone from shoe leather.
Mousepads, shoe leather, and hope; lessons from the Howard Dean campaign for the future of Internet politics.
The name of the site is a nod to our past and the time-tested methods of good reporting, which Sewell employs with such formidable skill -- asking tough questions, digging up documents, burning shoe leather.
it's that a neighborhood doesn't have to be ritzy or a tourist hub to merit the expenditure of shoe leather and a leisurely hour or two.
I've kept dogs when I could barely afford shoe leather.
Now, toss that equine roast in with some sage and few sprigs of shoe leather, and--BAM
Now, toss that equine roast in with some sage and a few sprigs of shoe leather, and--BAM
Your reporting was superb, the analysis excellent--a combination of hard work, old-fashioned shoe leather and good contacts.
But many walk barefoot from their villages to save on socks and shoe leather before putting them on to go inside.
The only thing separating church and state right now is the shoe leather you're wearing," joked the Rev.
Since the inception of the "other white meat" campaign, both the flavor and texture of American pork chops have deteriorated to somewhere between shoe leather and caulk.
Using a combination of old-fashioned shoe leather, community-to-community organizing, cutting-edge media, and innovative technology, NARAL Pro-Choice America will educate, mobilize, and rally the nation's pro-choice majority to protect the rights central to Roe," NARAL President Kate Michelman says.
I can hardly afford the shoe leather to go down to the bookies, but I suppose I'll sneak out at some time this morning for a crafty punt on the appropriately named MY LAST BEAN in the 3.
The portability makes iDEBIE a virtual office in the field, enabling brokers to amass data and financials and carry out other business on the street between visits to clients and properties, saving considerable time and shoe leather.