shoe lace

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a lace used for fastening shoes

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Kix Remixed is an online shoe lace retailer providing bold, colorful laces for fun and fashion.
Photo 2 shows the top man capturing the shoe lace and waist position that will prevent the opponent from escaping until he can free his foot giving the top man time to safely work for a pin.
Tenders are invited for Tag Cotton White String Well Twisted 60 Cm Long In Bundle Of 100 Nos Each Shoe Lace Pattern With Tin Ferrules At Both Ends Of 20 Mm Long To Is-8499-1988 Or Latest.
Adam, the youngest person to die in a British jail in modern times, strangled himself with a shoe lace at Hassockfield Secure Training Centre in County Durham, in 2004.
On the second run I tripped over my shoe lace but apart from that, it's going well.
Just putting a shoe lace in my shoe so I can go skating.
He became withdrawn and two days later he was found hanged with a shoe lace.
It was not a talisman, but a tube of Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, which she had taped to a shoe lace and tied around her neck.
Long Shoe Lace Pattern With Sharp Point Superior Quality.
The 19-year-old tied one knife to his leg using a shoe lace and pushed another down his waistband.
It is thought the shoe lace had been tied around the cat's neck and had become caught between the fence and a fence post causing the cat to be strangled to death.
Long Shoe Lace Pattern 100 Nos In One Bundle With Sharp Point Superior Quality.
A PRISONER escaped from Crown court using a shoe lace to tamper with a lock - after being given a five-year sentence for firearms offences.
Eastwood was serving time in Dumfries Young Offenders' Institution for motoring offences when he strangled cell-mate Paul Agie with a shoe lace in 2003.
Another came in a folder tied with a shoe lace -it was about a shoe factory.