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an industry that manufactures and sells shoes

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Oliver Ward of Grafton is credited with bringing the leather and shoe industry to town in the early 19th century, though textiles had a longer history in North Brookfield: A fulling mill in the mid-18th century was the first known in the area.
Representatives of Mexico's shoe industry said they are grateful for the actions taken by the SAT and the SHCP, which they said are bringing a sense of order to the domestic footwear industry, which is centered in Guanajuato, Jalisco, and Mexico state.
The divisive policy was introduced after compelling evidence of state intervention in the Chinese and Vietnamese shoe industry, which contravenes World Trade Organisation rules.
Marikina, east of capital Manila, is the centre of the country's shoe industry.
The Cape Shoe Company case focuses on an entrepreneurial start-up in the highly competitive shoe industry.
In the early 1900s, Haverhill was known as the "Queen Slipper City" During that time, Haverhill's shoe industry produced approximately 10% of the shoes sold in the United States.
I interviewed researchers Tobie Hatfield from Nike's innovation Kitchen and Jeff Pisciotta from the Nike Sports Research Lab to find out how the shoe industry has incorporated the concept of barefoot training into their shoe design.
As Turner describes it, the town grew to become a power in the shoe industry, eventually earning the title of "The Queen Slipper City.
In Germany in the run-up to the First World War, work in homes had practically disappeared in the shoe industry, and the factories were equipped with a level of technology equivalent to that of American firms.
His company, Flyte Limited, came up with the concept of a newpointe shoe for female ballet dancers using advances taken from products in the sport shoe industry.
Initial take-up as been in the shoe industry, where it has permitted the use of water-based PU adhesives and reduces VOC emissions.
But the Philippine shoe industry has fallen on hard times.
We can't keep exporting raw materials that are going to hurt our domestic shoe industry," Jacometti says.
Earlier this year US-based Texon UK - which makes materials for the shoe industry - said it was cutting the Skelton workforce.
The archive contains images ranging from the Saltaire World Heritage Site, the Northampton boot and shoe industry and national railway heritage to the building of concrete ships during the First World War, the Coopers "Oxford" Marmalade Factory and The Trout Inn at Godstow, known to Inspector Morse fans.