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the quality of being cheaply imitative of something better

the property of weakness by virtue of careless construction


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At a session titled, "Human, Civil, Labor, and Earth Rights Not Corporate Rights," Regan was joined by Sherri Mitchell, Executive Director of the Land Peace Foundation for the protection of Indigenous lands, who focused on explaining how intersectional, cross movement solidarity work creates spaces for native people, undocumented workers, students and workers to combine their unique strengths and succeed in stopping corporate destruction of the earth and its resources, such as when workers at TransCanada--emboldened by activist outcry--themselves publicly exposed the shoddiness of the company's pipeline engineering.
He wrote Duke Ellington a letter saying that dishonesty, lack of dignity, cheapness, shoddiness, and ignorance were becoming the taste of the masses.
England have been criticised from plenty of quarters for the shoddiness of their display against Italy in an 18-11 win last weekend, a display that let Wales back into the title equation.
The shoddiness of government interpretation gives rise to all manner of interpretational falsification, dissonance, and confusion.
The fine arts expose the cheapness and shoddiness of radio and movie productions and provide the main fountainhead by which we refresh our sense of proportion outside of nature itself.
What a pity the BBC misspelt conductor Edward Gardner's name in 'Radio Times', not the only evidence of shoddiness in Auntie's preparation for this important event.
The Wearsiders may have scraped above Newcastle, thanks to Magpie shoddiness on the final day, but twice being played off the pitch in derbies is the lasting sour taste in the mouth.
For in Huntington's imaginary theatre of culture war, "the West" is reduced to a Judeo-Christian tin soldier facing off against various stereotypes and cliches, such that the cardboard intellectual shoddiness of the exercise drew the wide derision it so richly deserved.
The only surprise when the hosts finally went in front in the 32nd minute was the breathtaking shoddiness of Liverpool''s defending.
Developers cutting corners on the finishes and interiors will be found out as buyers are no longer willing to tolerate shoddiness.
In scenes at Barton and London, Austen dramatizes the effects of their two ways of responding to the shoddiness of the world--one by staying true to her own feelings, the other by diplomacy.
The society which scorns excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity, and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity, will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy.
It took just two days of rainfall for the shoddiness of the Commonwealth Games ( CWG) work in North Campus to show itself.
While it wasn't ideal, this doesn't excuse capitulation and shoddiness.
She describes "the shoddiness of an audience in which it was virtually impossible to distinguish between student and camp-follower; the always new shock of so many young girls, so few of them pretty, and so many dreadful stockings; so many young men, so few of them--despite the many black beards--with any promise of masculinity.