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Synonyms for shocking

Synonyms for shocking

Synonyms for shocking

glaringly vivid and graphic


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giving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to reputation

References in classic literature ?
Miss Grey, I wish you would tell her not to use such shocking words; she will call her horse a mare: it is so inconceivably shocking
I know you think me a shocking, conceited, frivolous girl; but then, you know, I don't attribute it ALL to my personal attractions: I give some praise to the hairdresser, and some to my exquisitely lovely dress--you must see it to-morrow--white gauze over pink satin--and so SWEETLY made
The event was so shocking, that there were moments even when her heart revolted from it as impossible: when she thought it could not be.
Easily shocked I may be, but I am also shocked that the Greyhound Trainers' Association allows itself to be led and influenced by Ricky Holloway, in my view a shocking egoist, and Dave Smith, an equally shocking fantasist.
This was our complete corn cutting and shocking cycle in the 1950s.
But the stakes have been raised so high that it's now almost impossible to do anything shocking.