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a shockingly bad person

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a sensational message (in a film or play or novel)

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Not only does The Shocker work great, but it looks great as well.
After his release, Shocker appeared in an exhibition tournament in Denver, Colo.
It makes recent shockers such as The Conjuring look like kids' stuff.
WHAT A SHOCKER Ramires stamps on Karim El Ahmadi and is sent off by referee Chris Foy
He calls himself the "firecracker" of the group and hopes to incorporate a fun aspect while raising awareness and increasing the acceptance of all Shockers.
As she opened the door, both defendants barged in and used an electric shocker on her.
Pound Shocker is a major opportunity for independents to show they can offer top-notch and equally exciting multibuy deals in their own store as can be found at the nearest multiple--this will allow retailers to compete head-on with the multiple.
That was the shocker for me, and only in retrospect did I realize that I had no [female] role models in terms of leadership.
The quick sales might also have something to do with the company's "sensible pricing policy" said sales manager, Ranjit Shocker.
I thought i would put pen to paper after seeing the headline about the alleged assembly pounds 2m council tax shocker.
Steroid shocker Invertebrates have proteins that respond to estrogen and other steroids, indicating that this hormonal system evolved earlier than previous data had indicated (164: 180).
The document was "Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities," and it's a shocker.
Urban Shocker is one of baseball's forgotten stars.
Baby Doll Gets Up effectively relocates the venerable Kazan-Williams shocker in the world of Pink Flamingos.