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Synonyms for shocked

struck with fear, dread, or consternation

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She had said: "I don't know how Tom Kelly can say he is shocked at the plight of trainers" and stated he had been told this at a meeting 18 months earlier involving a number of handlers.
We shocked a little differently than what was described in Sam's column, without using a wooden horse, a pole or a tier--but we did take eight rows at a time.
3 : to move to action especially by causing upset, surprise, or disgust <"Oh, Davy," said Dora primly, shocked into speaking .
Approximately half of 60 patients were shocked by their ICDs within 2 years of implantation in a 1998 study.
Shocked, who just released her first studio recording in four years and performs as part of Sunday's San Fernando Valley-based free Whole Earth Festival, has long been known for putting her money where her mouth is.
Some of the people who died there had been shocked as many as seven times.
Although Maier (1970), using dogs, demonstrated that a 2-s inactive response did not impair escape performance compared to a yoked inescapable shocked group, attempts to replicate these findings with rats (e.
This MVP study analysis of 1,030 patients also shows that the percentage of appropriately shocked patients who sought medical attention within three days of a shock (56 percent) was similar to that of inappropriately shocked patients (61 percent).
Shocked, shocked, shocked,'' Bialosky said of the reaction at the Capitol.
Although the physical evidence of electrical torture may eventually disappear, the real trauma is psychological--the experience of being shocked into incapacitation and severe pain again and again.
NEW ORLEANS -- In people with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), physician use of a prescribed set of highly sophisticated ICD heart rhythm detection and therapy parameters can help reduce the proportion of fast heart rhythm episodes shocked with high-energy electrical therapy.
I'm very happy - and shocked, shocked, shocked,'' said Armenia-born Khodzhyan, 22, a business major who works as a receptionist at a medical management firm.
In recording visible-light emissions from three types of atoms that glow at different temperatures, Hubble's widefield/planetary camera acted as a thermometer, measuring the temperature variation in the recently shocked gas.
The girls were pretty shocked when they saw (Lana) on the ground,'' Camarillo coach Miki Mangan said.