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having a shock (or untidy mass) of hair

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I've been blown up once," the shock-headed man cries, hoarsely, as a dog barking.
He was apparently about forty years of age, a long, shock-headed fellow, with a corded face, a gnarled arm and a knotty hand like a bunch of prison-keys.
An old gypsy woman was seated on the ground nursing her knees, and occasionally poking a skewer into the round kettle that sent forth an odorous steam; two small shock-headed children were lying prone and resting on their elbows something like small sphinxes; and a placid donkey was bending his head over a tall girl, who, lying on her back, was scratching his nose and indulging him with a bite of excellent stolen hay.
Kit was a shock-headed, shambling, awkward lad with an uncommonly wide mouth, very red cheeks, a turned-up nose, and certainly the most comical expression of face I ever saw.
Dad would then vigorously de-grease his hands onto my poor brother's hair, producing a shock-headed appearance.
Producers also had to scrap a scene they tested in which shock-headed duo Bert and Ernie barked at each other.
It's a sunny day in Sicily, the cars on the grid for practice, a shock-headed Gubby in dark glasses standing with a bare-chested Clark and fellow driver John Taylor.