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having the capacity to absorb the energy of an impact

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The panelists raised myriad issues related to coatings and the auto industry, such as experimentation in the substrates auto manufacturers are using (carbon composites, biobased plastics), the challenges in designing more shock-absorbent coatings, and increases in the variety of paint colors used on cars internationally.
With a guide leading the way, we were given a helmet and bikes with highly shock-absorbent wheels.
It offers sweet dual-layer protection, soft, shock-absorbent rubber on the inside and hard plastic on the outside.
Another option are FitFIops, a denser-soled, more shock-absorbent alternative that claim to offer better support for your feet.
Other operator-friendly features include an ergonomic compartment with a 1-inch thick, shock-absorbent floor mat and a flush-mounted footswitch to minimize fatigue.
The bundle comes with a hard plastic, shock-absorbent cover to protect the iPad.
For daily wear, the recommendation is to opt for a round-toed shoe with a heel height of no more than two to three centimetres and with a shock-absorbent sole to help minimise shock to the joints," he added.
At its base, each pad is constructed with a 5mm-thick layer of EVA foam, followed by a 3mm-thick layer of thermo-embossed, water-resistant foam, to create a shock-absorbent, nonskid surface.
Enhanced Shock-Absorbent casing despite its small size
Despite this speed, there has been no increase in packing-related damage as all key contact surfaces are fitted with a shock-absorbent coating, and each weighment is gently deposited in the boxes via a dipping funnel.
This is the horizontal middle layer of an athletic shoe, and in road shoes it most often offers shock-absorbent cushioning.
Quick-mount LCD connector assemblies are installation-ready and include an acrylic display bezel and mask, as well as an environmentally protective and shock-absorbent retainer that holds two conductive Zebra connectors.
Like other MRAP vendors, International is working with Israeli armor protection expert Plasan Sasa, who is supplying its multistage system design that includes a buffer between the floor and the vehicle's armor, the attachment of flooring to the vehicle's body in order to disperse blast effects, a shock-absorbent foam floor, a patented collapsible seat, and a Suspended Mine Blast Resistant Seat that isolates the seat occupant from direct shockwaves.
Since most injuries result from falling from playground equipment, make sure you have protective surfacing: shock-absorbent ground material.
Bayer Polymers has developed a blow molding technology that is putting new bounce into shock-absorbent seating for motorcycles, snowmobiles, tractors and off-road vehicles.