shock wave

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a region of high pressure travelling through a gas at a high velocity

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Stegagno, the shock wave device is about the size of a desktop computer from a decade ago.
Employing lasers for generating the shock waves offers a much longer useful life and lower required maintenance for the shock wave devices, which will be deployed deep inside the oil bores.
The Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Lithotriptor must be suitable for and support the medical service and the clinical environment in Landspitali.
The strong disturbances cleave into an oblique shock wave to the free stream and oblique shock is stronger than the Mach wave (i.
For calculation of the shock wave diffraction over the sphere placed inside a shock tube it is convenient to separate the flow domain into two subdomains: the flow domain upstream of the sphere and the flow domain downstream the sphere.
It is remarkable that both of the shock wave curves are also straight lines in the (u, [rho]) phase plane.
Development of experiment technology of underwater explosive load has brought much convenience to research on maximum pressure of underwater shock wave [1], and scholars at home and abroad have conducted numerous experiments and researched on the shock wave generated by the underwater explosion.
Shock wave technology company SANUWAVE Health (OTC BB:SNWV) reported on Wednesday the receipt of the patent entitled 'Use of Pressure Waves for Stimulation, Proliferation, Differentiation and Post-Implantation Viability of Stem Cells', from the US Patent and Trademark Office.
International Symposium on Explosion, Shock Wave and High-Energy Reaction Phenomena (2d: 2013: Nago, Okinawa, Japan) Ed.
That shock wave continues to move outward today at about Mach 300.
In the case of Tycho's supernova remnant, astronomers have discovered that a reverse shock wave racing inward at Mach 1000 (1000 times the speed of sound) is heating the remnant and causing it to emit X-ray light.
Air reacts like a fluid, so as an aircraft goes supersonic the air molecules are pushed aside with great force, forming a shock wave much like a boat creates a bow wave.
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) was developed to treat human urolithiasis three decades ago.
In this framework the propagation and transformation of a single wave in a basin of constant depth can be described in terms of Riemann waves with the subsequent formation of a shock wave [121-25].
Two-phase flow undergoing an equilibrium shock wave has a high velocity while travelling through the very thin wave.