shock therapy

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The capacitors in the devices involved in this recall may take longer to charge when near the end of battery service life and could delay or fail to deliver shock therapy.
The people in Russia who believed in shock therapy were Bolsheviks--a few people at the top that rammed it down everybody's throat.
T-wave Discrimination and Lead Noise Discrimination features are designed to distinguish between deadly arrhythmias and oversensing to withhold shock therapy when appropriate.
Following the two incidents Hemingway was admitted into a hospital, where he was given electric shock therapy and unsuccessfully attempted to commit suicide on several occasions.
STAR Wars legend Carrie Fisher has revealed that she has regular electric shock therapy to "blow apart the cement" in her brain.
I underwent electronic shock therapy in my teens, an experience I later recalled in songs.
PERTEMPS Bees hope Andre Bester's shock therapy will help them produce an upset against Bedford Blues at Sharmans Cross Road tomorrow.
The six men and six women will be taken to a remote farmhouse and filmed every step of the way through a course of electric shock therapy.
The plan backfires when a TV celebrity poses as Odie's owner, then uses electric shock therapy to beat the dog into submission.
Her pelvis was once shattered from sexual abuse and she suffered horrific electric shock therapy for the "repayment of her sins".
An earlier experience with a salon- strength alternative had left me with a headache and metalic taste in the mouth a la electric shock therapy.
The device is fully programmable for treating ventricular tachyarrhythmias with shock therapy, but does not provide anti-tachycardia pacing, Mr.
Most of the tome revolves around shock therapy in the early 1990s up to the assault on the parliament in October 1993 and again in 1996-1998.
David Redvers has lapsed into a coma, Bob Clarke has hit the bottle (he usually doesn't need much of an excuse), stable girl Jo Redman is receiving shock therapy and Lady Rebecca herself has gone off her hay and refuses to leave her box.
He underwent electric shock therapy to try and beat depression but when he asked to take early retirement on sickness grounds the bank refused to update his pension to full entitlement.