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Wild boars were categorized according to age (determined by teeth; shoats <1 year, yearlings 1-2 years, adults >2 years), sex, and location of death.
Writing April 28 in the respected Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Orit Shoat summed up: "During the first two weeks of [April], the American Army committed war crimes in Fallujah on a scale unprecedented for this war.
37) Shoat Ella, 1989, Israeli Cinema: East/West and The Politics Of Representation, University Of Texas Press.
Shoat, 'Antinomies of Exile: Said at the Frontier of National Narrations', in M.
At some point you would see these same guys coming back into camp with a 100-pound sow or shoat flung easily over a shoulder and saying things like, "Eased into a big bunch of 'em and shot this little fellow because he looked good and fat," and you knew they were not putting you on.
The sudden appearance of a little shoat - or geep - born to a nanny long past her natural fertile years, is being met with a bunch of scepticism in the scientific community, though heaven knows why.
Schoolteacher marches Sixo through a line of logic which will invariably lead him to the conclusion that the shoat has been stolen.
It can hardly be made close enough or strong enough to prevent a shoat from crawling through.
The transition between management styles, and from a logic of property to a logic of properties, is marked by Sixo's justification for stealing the shoat.
In the meantime we are getting on with the work at Shoats Creek where the infrastructure work is underway, being a key step towards unlocking the enormous value in that field.
Even though "the Oven had no real value," the men took up valuable space on their wagons as they transported it to the new location, in turn making each woman resent the Oven, for it took up space for "a few more sacks of seed, rather than shoats or even a child's crib" (103).
The most insincere characters in O'Connor's fiction--Hoover Shoats of Wise Blood and Meeks, the copper flue salesman of The Violent Bear It Away, and Tom T.
Thousands of the frightened residents of Tajalei village where the incident occurred were equally seen driving away hundreds of herds of cattle and shoats toward east of the region.
Despite having cookstoves, the New Fathers "took the Oven apart, packed, moved and reassembled it" in Ruby, ritualizing the Old Fathers' actions despite the women's resentment of the space in the trucks for the Oven "rather than a few more sacks of seed, rather than shoats or even a child's crib" and the "hours spent putting it back together--hours that could have been spent getting the privy door on sooner" (103).
In a freshman game the next fall, Oklahoma State waxed the Shoats 56-0, and Broyles knew then that his program would be getting worse before it got better.