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Synonyms for shmooze

(Yiddish) a warm heart-to-heart talk

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Without Jews, the English language would not have words like klutz, pastrami, maven, shpiel, shmooze and chutzpah, as well as phrases like "money shmoney" and "enough already.
But I did come back into the city regularly to shmooze with the writers on the flat ground of Avenue A.
He learned a lot from Garo, both in an understanding of his craft and in the importance of intelligent conversation and shmooze.
The whole shebang was to give Bill the chance to shmooze our politicians - notably Gordon Brown and Jack McConnell - and plug his new Windows system.
Developers and lenders are moving past the odd celebrity shmooze and vacation timeshare to offer unprecedented financial incentives designed to insulate potential homebuyers against the chill of the cooling market.