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(Yiddish) a jerk

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PACE, SHMO, and the State-based integrated care programs are examples of new experimental programs underway to improve functional health outcomes, by coordinating clinical, rehabilitative, and LTC services for elderly individuals with chronic illness and disability.
To date, with the exception of SHMO I and II, Medicare Programs including functional assessment have targeted the most seriously disabled in need of nursing home care.
The SHMO II demonstration uses such a model in setting the baseline functional status of their enrollees; data are used both for care planning and setting payment rates (Health Care Financing Administration, 2001).
Provision: Extends the SHMO demonstration until 18 months after submission of an integration and transition plan report to Congress as required under the Balanced Budget Act.
The use of data from the SHMO also imposes some important limitations in applying this experience to PACE.
Second, data are limited to those who are members of a SHMO program.
The analysis also provides policymakers and potential SHMO sponsors with information about the costs of developing the model and bringing it to break-even levels.
The SHMO demonstration was designed to expand prepaid coverage of community and nursing home care in a controlled manner and to link these expanded LTC services with a complete acute care system.
Review programs such as PACE and SHMOs (Social Health Maintenance Organizations) and demonstrations funded through the Real Systems Change Grant Program to identify and replicate more innovative and efficient home and community-based service delivery systems.
SHMOs don't have much involvement with Medicaid and are oriented more to the private-pay middle class; they are not growing rapidly, in any case.
Because of their unique approach in adding socioeconomically-oriented services to HMO care, SHMOs bear continued close watching, says Peres.