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(Yiddish) a dolt who is a habitual bungler


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The least concrete, most slippery, but perhaps also most ubiquitous way in which Goldstein's and Rakoff's work resonates with earlier and contemporary representations of Jews in North American literature and popular culture is in their construction of themselves as shlemiel or nebbish protagonists.
There has been a reintroduction of shlemiel literature into the Hebrew province, and through his bloodshot, bespectacled eyes, we can see how Zionism's utopian vision has capitulated to a more syncretic panorama.
In Shlemiel, the tale of a man (Larry Block) who commits adultery with his own wife, folly shows its power to raise a fresher and more beautiful world by not being smart enough to know that all we have is this one.
Shlemiel the First, adapt: Robert Brustein from Isaac Bashevis Singer; lyrics: Arnold Weinstein; music: Zalmen Mlotek, Hankus Netsky; dir: David Gordon.
When Lionel stopped calling that February, Harry thought, "My God, he played me for a jerk, a shlemiel just to get one more check," and enraged, he phoned Lionel.
Fidler is a clueless shlemiel whose salesman's chirpiness not only wins Vann over, but also helps him get by with the bad guys who mistake Andy for an internationally wanted arms buyer.
Some of the best of his work can be found in his short fiction, including his signature story "Gimpel the Fool," translated by Saul Bellow, a classic Yiddish shlemiel story but also the overture to Singer's many tales about the perverse, unpredictable relations between the sexes; "Yentl the Yeshiva Boy," an ingenious, touching story about cross-dressing and transgression that has attracted superb actors on stage and screen; and "The Cafeteria," at once his most resonant American story and the most haunting of his Holocaust stories, which invariably deal not with the Shoah itself, which Singer did not experience directly, but with the fate of refugees and survivors whose troubled lives obsess him as much as their own bitter memories haunt them.
Narrator Fyvush Finkel Aaron Tommy Michaels Aunt Sarah/Zlateh the Goat/Matchmaker Tovah Feldshuh Uncle Shlemiel Ronn Carroll Gronam Ox Harry Goz The Lantuch Ivy Austin
SHLEMIEL THE FIRST, THE GLORIOUS KLEZMER-jazz musical about Eastern European shtetl life based on the Yiddish folktales of Isaac Bashevis Singer, was poised for a Broadway leap soon after its Lincoln Center debut in 1994.
My father called me a shlemiel early that morning even after I had increased the night's business.
SHLEMIEL, SHLIMAZEL INDEED: Word is ``Laverne & Shirley'' stars Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams may reunite on a reality TV show.
Alternatively, I'm still in my original universe, but in it a serious magazine like Tikkun has an obsequious shlemiel (OS) as its "media editor.
Though oysgegrinte did not survive, such is not the case for shlemiel, shlemazl, yente, klutz, shmendrik, krechtser, kibitzer, kvetsh, noodge, nudnik, shleper, nokhshleper, khokhm, knaker, and gantser knaker, just to name a few human types whose Yiddish name tags are not unfamiliar to us.
A kind of Forrest Gump in earlocks, Shlemiel is sent by the town's resident sage, Gronam Ox (Charles Levin), on a pilgrimage to spread the questionable wisdom of his elders.