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Synonyms for shivery

Synonyms for shivery

marked by or affected with tremors

marked by a low temperature

Synonyms for shivery

cold enough to cause shivers

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provoking fear terror

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Shivery is the Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Northeast Utilities (NU), New England's largest utility system, serving over 2 million electric and natural gas customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.
Shivery said the improved results primarily reflected a higher level of transmission investment.
But later, come the shivery frosts, Trees shake and petals fall away, And then they have to further add: "Well, at the poles it's somewhat flat.
In the soft yellows and grays, you can feel the heat of the African High Veldt in "How the Leopard Got His Spots", and, in the shimmering blues and greens, the shivery depths of the oceans in "How the Whale Got His Throat" (which Wallace has set in Newfoundland).
Working sheepdog Bess has seven pups: 'three were big and strong, three were good enough, but one was the most shivery little scrap you've ever seen.
That, of course, does not answer the other question: why the pair did not seek help or warm shelter after so many days in the shivery dark.
Shivery and drippin', he dragged himself up the embankment and flagged down a passing motorist.
And yet--once I have rowed to this island, this oasis, this core of calm amid the chaos of my life--once I arrive at the university, check my mail, and ascend to the second floor of 185 Nassau where I've had an office since fall 1978--once I am "Joyce Carol Oates" in the eyes of my colleagues and my students--a shivery sort of elation enters my veins.
It was shivery, short-of-breath, nose-dripping, movieloving fun.
After a shivery start in a freezing River Tyne, Robson heads to the South West to take on Plymouths Tinside Lido and Porthtowan's tidal pool before meeting extreme swimmer Lewis Pugh.
But I wasn't, I was woozy, I had a headache and I felt curiously shivery.
The first I knew of it was that I felt a bit grotty and started to feel shivery inside.
Many students say the Integrated Outdoor Program, called IOP, has been a highlight of their high school experience - even factoring in January's shivery, two-night camp-out in the snowy foothills of Fuji Mountain southeast of Oakridge.