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(Judaism) a period of seven days of mourning after the death of close relative


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Especially in the Orthodox community, parents may consider offspring who intermarry as having died and sit shivah for them (Rube & Kibel, 2004).
The family quarrels are exacerbated during the trying period of the shivah over the will that Tartakovsky might have left, and over the rivalries created between his lover and his daughter.
The Jewish traditions depicted in My Mexican Shivah have a worthy precedent in a low budget film directed by the Costa Rican Guita Shyfter in Novia que te vea (1993), adapted from a novel by the Mexican Rosa Nissan.
After my father died a few years ago," he said, "during the shivah (the seven-day period of mourning, filled with services and visitation in the bereaved's home, after the burial of a loved one), I felt that if we had some music, it would make the grieving more bearable.
Both writers rage and weep, rail against injustice, and draw deep from the wells of community, nature, and rituals such as meditation and sitting shivah.
The custom of comforting mourners during the seven day shivah or mouring period after the funeral has taken on an Internet dimension, with some people sending condolences by e-mail.
A Borough Park apartment building has been visited by thousands of mourners inside the neighborhood and out as the family of Leiby Kletzky, the slain Hasidic eight-year-old boy, sits shivah.
Aaron, the scholar, at the shivah (week long mourning period) for his father's death, opened "the yellow book":
We've welcomed babies, sat shivah for beloved family pets recently deceased, welcomed new arrivals to the area, survived a devastating house fire, and rocked and rolled in a 7.
As part of our ethnic foods business, we ship a large volume of shivah baskets to Jewish folks and soul baskets to the black community.
Yonkel sits shivah, says kaddish for eleven months.
The protagonist of Shivah MeHodu, the son of another emotionally distant father, falls for his intended's mother, an Oedipal rival to the man who serves as a father figure for him.
Ironically but inevitably, Upper West Siders will have to serve Zabar's bagels during their shivahs.