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We hear about the Great Coca-Cola Robbery and When Dad Called Reggie Shithead for a Year, about the loser with a car and an ID ("It has been observed by wiser men than me that kids who hang out with kids who are too young for them often make themselves useful in the transportation and beer-buying sectors"), and about the UTFO show Benji and a friend talk their way into.
Then as my eyes narrow on the sweat stain on the back of his blue shirt, a thesaurus of unChristian names volleys through my thoughts: fucker, fatass, bastard, shithead, prick.
This term, shithead, metaphorically denotes the doer of the misdeed as having "a head full of shit.
All he'd ever been was another vaguely aspiring shithead.
The notorious scene in which Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) forces sex on Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) while inhaling an unnamed gas begins with her "Hello, baby"--to which he replies, "It's daddy, you shithead.
Two summers ago the town made a deal with the family on Tryon Bay to keep Shithead penned until the tour boat came to the bay at ten and two.
I thought I was calling a shithead young Thrasher boy from San Francisco.
Without missing a beat, the woman replied loudly, "I think it's you, shithead.
And along comes old Hilton, with a huge amount of jealousy, envy, homophobia, and racism in tow, and gives us the real Frank: a shithead, a drunk, a shallow poet, very surface-y, cruel, given to self-love.
Do you remember a turning point when you told yourself you had to chill out, or is everyone just a shithead at that age?
I was a little shithead that hung at the park every day.
That was an awkward time of still being a bit of a shithead but also having to grow up.
With a name like Joey Shithead, how can you go wrong?
The DVD features videos, live footage, and TV appearances from Joey Shithead and his boys from Vancouver, BC, that spans decades and multiple iterations of hairstyles (and includes their 1978 song "The Prisoner," which remains one of my favorites to this day).
He's still a little asshole but he was a shithead back then, too.