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not wearing a jacket

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Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves doesn't have to be--inherited wealth can become a blessing to future generations and lor many generations into the future; and CPAs are uniquely positioned to be part of that solution.
The cover depicted a grinning Erdoy-an in shirtsleeves taking a selfie in front of a coffin draped in the red Turkish flag.
They rolled up their shirtsleeves nonetheless and started in on some big thinking about the future of your association.
It is a shirtsleeves job but I don't feel we can dispense with the tie.
Most of those who wore sports jackets and blazers had taken them off, some with shirtsleeves rolled up to their elbows.
Does your staff wear jackets or sweaters in the summer to stay warm, or are they in shirtsleeves in the winter?
The classic estate plan for a wealthy family is about the distribution of financial wealth based on the principles of defer (taxes), divide (among heirs), dump (assets on an unprepared generation) and dissipate ("Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations").
In lovely weather, to a backdrop of a sizeable crowd, chewing the fat and sipping pints in shirt-sleeves (the crowd in shirtsleeves, that is, not the pints), T20 is enjoyable.
A fourth Jew that was wearing tefillin (phylacteries) under his shirtsleeves was expelled from the site by officers, and forbidden from entering.
Who, of course, to speak of Rahul Gandhi's singular recent achievement -- you know, that one day he rolled up his shirtsleeves and tore up an Ordinance that would put criminal politicians in jail -- better than Lalu?
Deputies in suits and shirtsleeves climbed on tables, shouted and grappled with opponents as a protest against the practice of lawmakers voting for absentee colleagues descended into violence.
And the inevitable singalong finale of One Day Like This left such a warm feeling that - even on a freezing November night - the crowd could have walked home in their shirtsleeves.
Emma Hirons, pictured, who plays the White Rabbit has a bustle made of six 'upcycled' white shirtsleeves with the buttons on the waistcoat.
Going from snowbound Scotland to wearing shirtsleeves in 20 degree sunshine would be good for the soul at the best of times - but it's particularly pleasing because it offers me the chance to test my game in decent conditions.
It's charming to think of him, in his rolled up shirtsleeves at the side of the road on a sweltering Ontario summer's day, imperiously swatting away horseflies and mentally composing press releases that all begin with the phrase "this is not a metaphor.