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Synonyms for shirtfront

the front of a shirt (usually the part not covered by a jacket)

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a man's detachable insert (usually starched) to simulate the front of a shirt

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Laugesen explained that the meaning of the word actually dates back to the 1980s when shirtfront had a figurative meaning which is to confront or challenge another person.
Then Pugachev ripped open his shirtfront, declaring, "There, if you don't believe that I am the sovereign, then look, here's a royal mark for you.
The difference: Levin is here, with us, his fingers slipping among the pewter buttons, fastening them crookedly: we see the gaps, those lapses in the thick fabric of the greatcoat, exposing his white shirtfront beneath which we can hear, almost, the trammeling heart: his fingers slip, he cannot, cannot button his coat.
One senses Van Loo's influence in the expert evocation of the textures of the garments, in particular the lushly scumbled blues and greys of the velvet coat and the crisp, smoothly executed white brushstrokes that define the linen cuffs, shirtfront and collar.
Throughout this study of loss, Godden resists the loss of the referent that characterizes Saussurean readings, tracing, instead, its displacement (Flem's black bowtie against the white expanse of shirtfront recalls Ab Snopes's club foot as it smears mud on an expensive rug in a landholder's home, then recalls male sexuality, then race, then the loss of black labor).
Carried in baskets, in a sling under the arm, or in a patrol member's shirtfront, the birds were released under fire, and most succeeded in getting through.
The ends of both jacket sleeves were burning, as were his waistcoat and shirtfront.
After 115 sittings, terminated only because Cezanne was returning to Aix, the painter told Vollard, "I am not displeased with the shirtfront.
Wearing a studded shirtfront and watch-chain, he carries his gloves in the hand with which he takes off his top-hat in a show of formal greeting which, since his other hand is sunk into his pocket, looks derisive.
Ray was hoeing into his mango just as enthusiastically as I was, the juice running down his chin and shirtfront.
His chewing grin, his fat shirtfront, my foolishness, my futility--enormous anger flares in my chest, boils up in my throat, booms out of my mouth--
Almost a badge of honor in the Crescent City is the inevitable sprinkling of powdered sugar from the beignets on one's lips, chin, and shirtfront.
A black shirtfront and a collar of the same fabric were visible under the young man's torn overcoat; the collar was very loose, as though it belonged to someone else -- it puckered around his neck.
The white shirtfront would be set off by a buff-colored waistcoat.
I wonder if, as he was struggling into his boiled shirtfront, JFK said to Jackie, "Oh, honey, do we have to go?