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bake (eggs) in their shells until they are set

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which is a suitable shift-and-invert operator for the skew-Hamiltonian Arnoldi algorithm SHIRR [22].
1] yields the corresponding eigenvector of the quadratic matrix polynomial Q([lambda]) while the eigenvectors computed by SHIRR can not be used to deduce eigenvectors of Q ([lambda]); see [1, 22, 25] for more details on this.
Note that CoCoS includes Fortran implementations of SHIRR as well as a solver based on applying the implicitly restarted Hamiltonian Lanczos process [4, 34] to [H.
We compare the Hamiltonian Krylov-Schur-type algorithm, a MATLAB implementation of SHIRR and the MATLAB function eigs.
2](1), while SHIRR is used with the skew-Hamiltonian operator [R.
In contrast, SHIRR is using only orthogonal transformations.