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the evasion of work or duty

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Moreover, if LTCs provide an incentive for shirking behavior, then why would management be so naive as to continue to offer such contracts to players?
alternative wage in case of getting fired), q the probability of being caught shirking, b the probability of termination of working post (exogenous, with no relation to effort), u the unemployment rate, and r the rate of interest used for discounting future to present value.
Agents of a firm, however, will not internalize all of the costs of shirking: The principal reaps part of the value of hard work by the agent, but the agent receives all of the value of shirking.
It's an interesting piece, especially when applied to the shirking rates of politicians who like to consider themselves average workers in the confines of D.
Opportunistic behavior can arise in the employment relationship between a principal (the employer) and agent (the employee) when the labor contract is incomplete or when the principal is unable to distinguish shirking behavior from below-average realizations of a stochastic process.
The rich are shirking their duty to serve their country and leaving the dirty work to the poor and the lower-middle class.
Congress, the only body the Constitution permits to declare war, is simultaneously shirking its duty and weakening our economic system by funding this war with their cost.
Many companies that aren't shirking their pension obligations by filing for bankruptcy are switching their defined benefit pension plans--which promise a fixed monthly check--over to riskier defined contribution plans like 401(k)s, or to no plans at all.
The interaction between civilian principals and military agents is examined on the basis of the former's expectations about whether or not the military will follow their orders, and the latter's expectations about whether or not shirking would be detected.
That needs partnership and compromise, not shirking of responsibilities, or else the town will be left with a white elephant.
This time, the change reduces the number of students a school may test without shirking the law.
Shirking has become an issue in professional sports with the advent of long-term guaranteed contracts, particularly because pay is largely uncoupled from performance.
It covers mostly skateboard ng but you will find some surfing and snow brucing in there as well It's got a no BS attitude shirking many of.
The result is that a sizable fraction of incumbents are well matched to their constituencies, so shirking is not an option.
Lowe of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and her colleagues offered a clue to why aged muscle is weaker: In older muscle, a key protein, myosin, is shirking its job.