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the evasion of work or duty

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The model assumes that there are only two effort levels: working and shirking.
5) A Soldier who missed the preparatory train-up for a deployment was shirking important service, even if he intended to return to his unit in time for the actual deployment.
As per details, TMA staff of Jund to hide their shirking and inability, they filled the road ditches with sand for the time being, therefore the authorities could not assess the depleted condition of the road.
Plesner, who heads a special committee that encourages Jewish youth to draft in the army, is part of team of current and former officials who are studying the phenomenon of shirking military service for religious schooling.
LABOUR have accused the SNP of shirking their duty to order a public inquiry into a deadly superbug outbreak.
Jensen and Meckling defined these costs as the sum of the monitoring and bonding costs, plus any residual loss, incurred to prevent shirking by agents.
Fine Gael and Labour said the state was shirking its duty after St Vincent de Paul revealed it was forced to fund the assessments at a cost of 330 per child.
Rather than fight litigants who claimed the LAUSD was shirking federal special-education laws -- or, better yet, get into compliance with those laws -- the district settled for the easy way out, the consent decree.
The history, philosophy, and justification of goofing off, supplemented with careful research and statistics, makes for engaging reading whether for expert sociologists researching the cultural phenomenon's of shirking or lay readers making the most of their own relaxation time.
94 hours of shirking is actually factored into employee compensation formulas even though most personnel managers "privately" suspect average workers actually slough off 1.
Opportunistic behavior can arise in the employment relationship between a principal (the employer) and agent (the employee) when the labor contract is incomplete or when the principal is unable to distinguish shirking behavior from below-average realizations of a stochastic process.
The rich are shirking their duty to serve their country and leaving the dirty work to the poor and the lower-middle class.
Congress, the only body the Constitution permits to declare war, is simultaneously shirking its duty and weakening our economic system by funding this war with their cost.
Many companies that aren't shirking their pension obligations by filing for bankruptcy are switching their defined benefit pension plans--which promise a fixed monthly check--over to riskier defined contribution plans like 401(k)s, or to no plans at all.
The interaction between civilian principals and military agents is examined on the basis of the former's expectations about whether or not the military will follow their orders, and the latter's expectations about whether or not shirking would be detected.