ship's company

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crew of a ship including the officers

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Yes; it needed a few days after the taking of your departure for a ship's company to shake down into their places, and for the soothing deep-water ship routine to establish its beneficent sway.
The natives of Nukuheva would frequently recount in pantomime to our ship's company their terrible feats, and would show the marks of wounds they had received in desperate encounters with them.
I was not able to get off from the bed, and my mistress much less; and my young master was so sick that I thought he had been expiring; so we could not open the cabin door, or get any account what it was that occasioned such confusion; nor had we had any conversation with the ship's company for twelve days, they having told us that they had not a mouthful of anything to eat in the ship; and this they told us afterwards-- they thought we had been dead.
But while the King was still instructing the courtier exactly what he was to say, the first man of the ship's company, the one with the miraculous power of hearing, had overheard the King's words, and hastily reported them to the poor Simpleton.
I mention it also, because I think some of our ship's company did not give him as full credit for his excellent services as he deserved.
Northumberland's commanding officer, Commander Paddy Dowsett, said: "My ship's company is keen to get going on this demanding mission.
It takes a tremendous amount of personal and professional commitment to regenerate a warship ready for operations and I am extremely proud of my ship's company for the work they have done in getting us to this point.
The ship's company is rightly excited about the deployment and we are all committed to it being a success.
At 11am the county the council chairman, Coun John Morris, with Commander Alex Burton, will inspect the ship's company.
10am Coun Morris will address the ship's company and read out a proclamation and then at 11.
A WEB page has been developed to enable all ex-HMS Cardiff Ship's Company who served during the Falkland Islands conflict to catch up with each other.
It also has a contacts page with e-mail addresses for the ship's company and a gallery of photographs of antics on the deck during the Falklands Conflict.