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a stiff protective garment worn by hockey players or a catcher in baseball to protect the shins


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CAMERAS are everywhere at football these days but they're not usually strapped to the players' shinpads.
Hoolahan later revealed he did it as a reference to pre-match chaos when City discovered they had not packed any shinpads.
I told the referee and I pointed to my shinpad but he said no, so what can you do?
The important thing was that the whole scene had the rest of us in hysterics towards Shinpad and his old man despite Div being the unmistakable asshole of the whole little scene.
Lewandowski claimed his shinpad was snapped by a robust Gordon Greer tackle during the sides' first meeting.
His shinpad then collided with the Croatian playmaker's knee.
I heard a snap and everyone thought it was a shinpad snapping, but it was my leg," Johnson said.
Pole star Lewandowski showed pictures of his shattered shinpad after the 2-2 draw in Warsaw last Turn to Page 51 From Back Page year, saying the Brighton defender's antics were over the top.
Professional footballers could be saved from long spells on the sidelines through injury not by the world's most expensive surgeons but by the simplest of changes to the humble shinpad.
The Bayern Munich striker, who insists he will be fit to face Werder Bremen today, was wearing a Nike Mercurial Blade shinpad which shattered.
Without a shinpad, my leg would have been damaged totally.
Within eight minutes, however, the Donscame within a shinpad of ending their famine.
Bayern Munich hitman Bayern Munich hitman Lewandowski claimed Lewandowski claimed Greer's tackle had smashed Greer's tackle had smashed his shinpad but Scots boss his shinpad but Scots boss Gordon Strachan played Gordon Strachan played down the incident.
Thankfully for both player and club, the noise was merely that of his shinpad sharing the force of the impact and not of any broken bone.