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Synonyms for shinny

a simple version of hockey played by children on the streets (or on ice or on a field) using a ball or can as the puck


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climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling

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He added: "I think Shinny won that fight by a couple of rounds, comfortably.
Dennis Egel: German singer gave one of the strangest perform-ances when he unleashed he huge shinny golden wings in the middle of his routine.
In the 1960s, Horton lent his famous shinny name to a joint venture with entrepreneur Ron Joyce Sr who opened the first Tim Hortons coffee shop in Hamilton.
Our crew members were from this rural landscape, and they had taught our hosts how to shinny up a coconut tree and navigate by the stars.
But on this night, border patrol radios crackled with reports of people on the Mexican side climbing up the fence and peering over, only to shinny back down when they spotted agents on the American side.
Earlier in Peterlee, Chris Edwards defends his British flyweight title against Shinny Bayaar and bookies are finding it hard to split them.
PETERLEE DETAILS FTM Sports in association with Olympian Boxing Gym, Sunderland PETERLEE LEISURE CENTRE (Tomorrow) 12x3 British Light Welterweight: Ashley Theophane v Nigel Wright, 12x3 British Flyweight: Chris Edwards v Shinny Bayaar 6x3 Bantamweight: Stuey Hall v Dai Davies 6x3 Bantamweight: Marty Ward v Andy Roberts 4x3 Cruiserweight: Danny Price v Hasting Rasani 4x3 Light Welterweight: Paul Archer v Sean Gorman 4x3 Light Heavyweight: Robert Ismay v Matt Inman 4x3 Featherweight: David Lake v Ryan McNicol 4x3 Light Welterweight: Mark Clauzel v Andy Hardy 6x3 Light Middleweight: Robert Dickinson v Liam Vaughan 4x3 Featherweight: Peter Cope v Chuck Jones 4x3 Light Welterweight: Gary Fox v Sid Razak 4x3 Light Middleweight: Johnson McClumpha v Tommy Broadbent
This means du will now be marketing its new shinny toy as: "4G HSPA+" unlike Etisalat who will choose to accompany their smug smile with a "4G LTE".
When I win it will give me the opportunity to fight the winner of Chris Edwards and Shinny Bayaaer for the British title.
When he was a youngster the Rocket played shinny on outdoor ice in really cold weather.
He met Beckwith during an Opera Atelier tour of Japan in 1999, and they became reacquainted through shinny hockey when they literally crashed into each other on the ice.
The girls' range reflects a daring attitude through the striking collection of A Line and hooded tops, jumper trousers, tunic dresses, low waists with shinny prints and gradient effects.
Earlier, there was a shock when Scouser Paul Edwards snatched the British featherweight title from Shinny Bayaar in controversial fashion.
It also considers fiddle playing and dancing, the dance tunes, the Killyramer Christmas Rhymers and Mummers, and shinny playing and hurling.
Shinny Bayaar currently holds the British belt, with Ashley Sexton and Paul Edwards waiting for the chance to dethrone the Oldham-based power puncher and Mulhern said: "I would fight them all on the same night.