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the visual property of something that shines with reflected light

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While they lack the brilliance and shininess of obsidian, they display a similar concern for symmetry and balance.
I don't like the shininess of glaze, the fact that it coats the surface, but I teach glazing because I want to give students the option.
I hate it when I have just gotten my car cleaned and my windows are shiny, and then comes a beggar with filthy and germy hands and knocks on my window and sometimes stick his face on it and all the shininess is gone," said Ahmed Abdulwahhab.
The approach enables a quantitative comparison between the different textures with reference to certain aspects of sensory perception such as perceived roughness, warmth, shininess etc.
Among the materials trends to look for, Gregoire added, are precious stones, items that look handmade, silkiness as opposed to shininess, and tone on tone.
All that lovely unprotected shininess could so easily come to a shattering end with a simple slip of the fingers.
The whole makeup is done at the beginning of a programme and then we check our presenters every hour so we can reduce any shininess.
Logo NewNowNext Awards"I jokingly called this dress my aetrash bag dress', because of the shininess of it.
The Normaderm Pro Mat is based on a new expertise by L'Oreal Research that has demonstrated the impact of UV light, even daily exposure, on sebum secretion and then, on shininess.
They have a direct impact on ablation depth and structural effects such as shininess and colour.
Although hammer- dressing may have been applied to improve the grip of the handle or assist with hafting, applying a forceful technique like pecking to a fragile tool and removing obsidian's trademark, and often meaningful, shininess suggests attempts to enhance the value of the tool through specialist labour and/or particular symbolic meanings (Torrence 2005; Torrence et al.
Six new products were introduced and contributed to sales expansion in this segment, including Doruchitoru, a medicine to reduce excessive cholesterol in the blood, Inochi No Haha White, an OCT medicine to reduce menstrual discomfort, and Bluelet Hyouhakudama Plus, a toilet tank cleaner that maintains whiteness and shininess through the combined cleaning strength of Hyouhakudama and a concentrated cleaning liquid.
As (1) unknown, unknowable, and hidden, the "earth" is the incalculable "x" around which properties and characteristics accumulate, the hypothetically attribute-less subject (the hypokeimenon) that acquires characteristics as a world is opened up for it; as (2) that stoniness, shininess, heaviness, etc.
He has also manipulated the 'flying white' technique--which refers to the areas that remain white as a result of the brush running out of ink--to depict strands of beard, the tassel and the shininess of the sword.
Gutfreund says there is a move toward warmer colors and away from the shininess and flatness of interiors over the last few years.