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Synonyms for shiny

Synonyms for shiny

giving off or reflecting light readily or in large amounts

having a high, radiant sheen

Synonyms for shiny

reflecting light

having a shiny surface or coating


made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing

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I know that teachers reading this will be laughing hollowly or even throwing up at the sound of my starry-eyed idealism compared with the gnashing reality that they know so well - just as I now chortle cruelly when I hear trainee teachers shinily announcing their intention to change the world.
The former is part of a series in which shinily painted canvases are crudely remounted on stretchers that are much too small.
Its stainless-steel panels perforated by a grid of numerous small holes are either shinily opaque or surprisingly transparent, depending on your angle of view.
Finally, there's Trigger Happy TV (Friday, C4), an extraordinarily likeable show, which takes one of the oldest ideas in the book - silly pranks and hidden cameras - and somehow makes it look shinily new and incredibly funny.
When you look outside at a cloud-strewn sky and still see the sun shining more shinily than Bob Monk-house's face.