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Synonyms for shiny

Synonyms for shiny

giving off or reflecting light readily or in large amounts

having a high, radiant sheen

Synonyms for shiny

reflecting light

having a shiny surface or coating


made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing

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If the prediction comes to fruition, the star's brightness will increase by 10,000-fold and become the shiniest object in the night sky.
But fear not, because the fashion geniuses of Brown Thomas have outsmarted the mathematical geniuses of the world by revealing their spring/summer range on the brightest, shiniest catwalk imaginable which is bound to cheer you up.
WE LOVE DRAMA GREY'S ANATOMY (Sky Living, 10pm) AMERICA'S shiniest, most addictive medical drama is back for a twelfth series - but with a great big, gaping McDreamyshaped hole.
An LG team member from South Korea was among the LG Qimmam team, portraying in the clearest and shiniest manner, the bond LG has established with the Saudi community.
Even when they aren't the newest, shiniest models, today's smartphones have as much computing power as NASA's most ambitious spacecraft--and, crucially, 89 percent of high school students already have one.
In this age of fiscal austerity, however, the military no longer is able to purchase the shiniest objects that money can buy.
The Rhythm Downlight LED by Lighting Science is the newest and shiniest advancement.
Singh's silence, especially on corruption of colleagues, undid him and even his shiniest moment, of striking his beloved nuclear agreement with George W Bush, carried with it the stigma of a deal, says Baru, who was probably the Prime Minister's closest aide after the sudden death of J.
With the new name of QX80 for 2014, Infiniti's largest sport utility vehicle packs some of the softest-feeling leather, shiniest burl wood and a host of other luxury items into a big, nicely crafted interior.
Get starry-eyed with fall's shiniest favorites, all for a fiver or less.
Summary: The world's automakers are showing off their shiniest, most advanced vehicles at the Frankfurt Auto Show, which opens this week.
Also on the roster is Blacquer, billed as the blackest, shiniest black; a Magic Marc'er Precision Pen Eyeliner, Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara and Highliner Gel Crayon.
East Asian countries are among the shiniest and sharpest.
net, featured an original 64 contestants , made up of the shiniest locks and brightest eyes in all the celebosphere.