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Synonyms for shingly

abounding in small stones

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Construction works for 4 classrooms primary school in Shingly Village, Almar District of Faryab Province-Afghanistan.
Tin is more secret far, with duller eye Off hiding in the river's shingly bed, Or in the flint's bosom, near the central fires, In chambers wide, or veins like silken lace; So that the labourer, stumbling on a start, Wipes his hot brow, and cries, "Lo, here is tin.
nin he re oufm shingly, there was no urage and she sat on the for a chat.
This work is our second contribution and the second interesting discovery pertaining to Collembola of sandy and large smooth pebbled or shingly beaches of China (Potapov et al.
And as soon as you come away from that shingle beach, which is making that shingly sound - it goes completely quiet.
One of the cheapest options in a seriously pricey city, entry to the Bains -- effectively a cordoned off part of the lake with a shingly beach -- is a mere 2 Swiss francs ($2.
I'll make you feel sorry When you find my dead body Washed up on a far shingly shore.