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a cut of meat from the lower part of the leg


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the inner and thicker of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle

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It comes after his shin bones snapped in two places when a man on an electric scooter knocked him off his feet and wheeled over him as he walked along the pavement.
Jill Helms, Roel Nusse and team at Stanford University in California drilled small holes into the shin bones of mice, and injected them with Wnt proteins.
Doctors at Newcastle General Hospital found he had suffered two other skull fractures; his shin bones had been broken; his collar bone had been broken; several ribs had been broken and his shoulders burned with cigarettes.
After being set upon by a gang of up to ten armed youths, the 47-year- old had to be treated for suspected fractures to his cheek, thigh and shin bones.
I've been allowed to use them on independent tracks and found them useful in reducing stress on shin bones (metacarpals and metatarsals), on the bone behind the wrist (accessory carpal), on hock bones (central, third and fourth tarsals in particular), over the boney prominence on the outside of the left elbow and on the `track leg' site (the inside of the left tibia).
The scanner uses low radiation X-rays which penetrate one tenth of an inch into the skin -the image produced even shows a person's shin bones.
Megan had torn her anterior cruciate ligament, the ligament in the center of the joints that connects the thigh and shin bones.