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Synonyms for shimmy

an abnormal wobble in a motor vehicle (especially in the front wheels)

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a woman's sleeveless undergarment

lively dancing (usually to ragtime music) with much shaking of the shoulders and hips

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tremble or shake


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Shimmy is the self-excited vibration of a castored wheel assembly and may occur in mechanical assemblies such as shopping trollies, motor cycles, trailers and aircraft landing gears.
Black and white Shimmy and her five kittens - Jive, Shuffle, Harlem, Dougie and Charleston - are now being cared for round the clock by Cramar staff, in Hopwood.
When I began developing the Swimmin' Shimmy fly a few years back, his pattern was my inspiration.
In such surrounds SoulBoy director Shimmy Marcus sets the first Northern Soul movie.
At the date palm plantation, scantily clad barefoot men shimmy up palm trunks to shake loose ripe dates, which fall to the soft ground like manna from heaven.
Julie Hewett Shimmy All Over Face and Body Shimmer in Goldie, 822, juliehewett.
Guaranteed to make you shake and shimmy (and make you recall the band's mammoth, breakthrough hit, "Love Shack"), the song meshes Schneider's offbeat nasal commands with Pierson and Wilson's impeccable harmonies.
BUENOS AIRES A much-hyped pole-dancing competition helped Artear-Canal 13's "ShowMatch" shimmy past Telefe's "Big Brother" in the ratings May 28.
Two modern-day headline-hunting academics \ make 2+2=5 as they vainly misread Bryonic history, the Age of Enlightment and landscape gardening in j fictional Derbyshire stately I home Sidley Park, where I ghosts from the past shimmy ; forth to reveal the truth -mainly we know less today than we think.
Marquez) shimmy and bounce their way through tunes slight (``My Boyfriend's Back,'' ``Wishin' and Hopin''') and weightier (``The Beat Goes On'').
Q:] Three novelists eat a vast and sumptuous dinner, complete with several bottles of terrific wine and more oysters than you can shimmy your jimmy at.
They aim to shimmy their way into the mainstream while giving belly dancing legitimacy and respect.
Adding a shimmy is a fun and invigorating accentuation to your dance.
The main page assembles itself as a set of overlapping images that shimmy around when you run the cursor across them.
Shimmy Shimmer Illuminating powder allows a natural glow all year long and the new Cooling Shimmer stick is a face and body illuminating cream.