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This complaint would seem more suitable to the 1950's, the era of Tennessee Williams and William Inge, than to an age in which people like Tony Kushner and Terence McNally hardly need to shilly-shally about their characters'--or their own--predilections.
While we shilly-shally, youngsters are killing themselves.
When I see the slack, shilly-shally, expensive way the Government has of doing everything," he wrote, "it appears impossible that it should ever succeed in beating the Rebels.
When people talk,' observes the psycholinguist Steven Pinker, 'they lay lines on each other, do a lot of role-playing, sidestep, shilly-shally, and engage in other forms of vagueness and innuendo.
David Lamb, defending, said Richardson made a full and frank confession: "He didn't shilly-shally and try to pull the wool over the officers' eyes.
Wouldn't shilly-shally about, not with potentially dangerous criminals on the loose.
My wife and I immediately went into shilly-shally mode and just couldn't make up our minds, imagining the eyes of other customers boring into our backs.
The bottom line is that we cannot shilly-shally forever before deciding whether we are in or out.
But if there's any shilly-shally the SPL, believe me, will do their duty and boot them out of the top flight.
The Highways Agency cannot afford to shilly-shally when lives are at stake.
And a lot less of the mealy-mouthed shilly-shally which has so far been spouted.
I'VE been saying since the breakaway shilly-shally kicked-off that a solution within the League set-up is possible.
If you shilly-shally about ending things with your sex buddy, you'll be guilty of sabotaging a new beginning with your ex, so why put yourself through a reconciliation if you'll be calling your buddy more than your boyfriend?
Despite their statutory obligation, many bus drivers after an accident fail to report the matter to the police where personal injuries are involved and the police equally shilly-shally on numerous occasions about recording the accident fully and properly.
He added Celtic wouldn't accept such shilly-shally from any player.