shiitake mushroom

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edible east Asian mushroom having a golden or dark brown to blackish cap and an inedible stipe

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Shiitake mushrooms are native to Asia and are cultivated for their culinary and medicinal value.
The amount of formaldehyde that was found in raw shiitake mushrooms exceeded safe limits according to one study reported by Vesanto in Becoming Raw.
Shiitake mushroom is traditionally cultivated on shi tree or wood log in Japan.
To find a mushroom supply for his research, Thomas Badger, director of the Arkansas Children's Nutrition Center and a principal researcher, contacted the Shiitake Mushroom Center operated by Tom Kimmons.
Shiitake mushrooms can be grown on oak logs obtained from the woodlot.
The report focuses on the market status quo at home and abroad, represents the basic situation of current shiitake mushroom market systematically and comprehensively, and conducts profound study and research on the aspects of planting technology, major producing areas, supply and demand structure, market prices and forecast of future market.
com or a Shiitake mushroom kit, which contains 120 dowels, from www.
Shiitake Mushroom and Chestnut Risotto (v) (Serves 2.
The outcome was a shiitake mushroom soup, produced by another FTC client, The Snowdonia Range, and launched in November 2011.
With that money they could bring Bempah to the United States to learn about Shiitake mushroom growing.
Two co-operative unions in Fukuoka Prefecture said Monday they have found that eight of their stores falsely labeled dried Chinese shiitake mushroom as Japanese to take advantage of a price surge.
2000), "Elderberry has remarkable properties that actually stop the flu virus from replicating, and the lentinan content of the shiitake mushroom stimulates the production of the valuable immune protein interferon.
They are probing the medicinal effects of fungi like the Japanese Shiitake mushroom.
Oyster and shiitake mushroom kits generally are considered the easiest to grow.