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a Chinese breed of small dog similar to a Pekingese

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Three shih-tzu dogs were found close to death in a house at Linton Colliery, Northumberland, while a marmoset monkey was kept in a small parrot cage in Gateshead.
Melinda manages to be mum to her three kids and two shih-tzus (Sushi and Scooter), wife to her own Prince Charming, husband of five years (and partner of 10) Wayne Roberts, and Melinda Messenger to the rest of us.
Shih-Tzus are priced at around P8,000 at PBD, while high-end breeds like the huskies and French bulldogs cost around 30,000 and 35,000, respectively.
The shih-tzus have been found new homes in the North-East via the RSPCA and are making strong recoveries, though still nervous and betraying lingering signs of their ordeals.
Layer by layer, the matted, overgrown and unkempt coats on these shih-tzus were carefully shaved off by groomers to reveal the loveable dogs underneath.
Liz Baird breeds shih-tzus and King Charles spaniels at her puppy farm next to the house she shares with her pastor husband Thomas.
He said: "The Gucci and Armani of dogs are breeds such as chihuahuas and shih-tzus.
Other stars include Ben Fogle with black Labrador Inca, Sir Steve Redgrave's Old English Sheepdog Casper, and Martin Kemp's two Shih-Tzus Daisy and Zack.
SHIH-TZUS Amber and Ernie are getting a new leash of life.
Mr Dodd had driven to the beach from his Prestatyn home with his two shih-tzus dogs, Trish and Sophie.
The haul of dogs included shih-tzus, dachshunds, lhasa apsos, bearded collies, corgis, chihuahuas, poodles, pekinese and Yorkshire terriers.
Poodles are the least accident-prone pooches, with only one in five ending up at the vet's, while Shih-Tzus come a close second with just 22 per cent suffering a mishap during their lives.
fly-fishing shop owner Harlan Pepper (Guest) has a bloodhound named Hubert he's pretty proud of, while gay New York City couple Scott Donlan (John Michael Higgins) and Stefan Vanderhoof (Michael McKean) just know one of their twin Shih-Tzus, Miss Agnes, is ready for stardom.
Pauline Kinghorn, 63, neglected her three shih-tzus so badly that an RSPCA inspector who rescued them from her filth-laden home said he barely recognised them as dogs.