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Synonyms for shiftless

Synonyms for shiftless

resistant to exertion and activity

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lacking or characterized by lack of ambition or initiative

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Shiftless squatters and down-and-outs have moved into the empty buildings.
Now, it may not mean anything to most Americans, but to those of us who are African-Americans, the second word is shiftless and then there's a third word that goes along with it.
The old man was legendary as the most shiftless person within the collective memory of his piece of the state.
Romney's characterization of this mythical slice of lazy, shiftless Americans was wrong.
Most doubtless believed that poor Americans are shiftless, Palestinians evil and Iranians crazed fanatics.
Washington, July 19 ( ANI ): A Baylor University study has revealed that fans of Facebook hate groups, while using new media to target President Obama and his family, are relying heavily on old stereotypes of blacks as animalist, evil or shiftless - including depictions of the President as a chimp or sporting a bandana and a mouth full of gold teeth.
But even in what may be called the commonplace, the author collides with circumstances by turns blackly comic, sinister, hilarious, and bleak: a hopeless widow who cannot hang on even to the living that Esti provides her; a shiftless hero who saved Esti's life but refuses to vacate his apartment; a young man suffering through a sinister first kiss from an insane young girl.
It seems he has subtly begun to demonise the unemployed as the chief authors of their own plight - a bunch of shiftless scroungers and petty criminals.
Just as you would expect from a bunch of shiftless students they want their entertainment to be subsidised, to be let in on the cheap, or even for nothing, thus revealing that they have the qualifications necessary to develop into racehorse owners one day or, even worse, journalists.
For then you may in your accent smooth, persuade the shiftless workers to the polling booth".
But unlike the wave of pop culture vampires in recent years - grounded, lovelorn, conflicted - Sweet is shiftless, selfish, utterly without redemption and pure evil.
His brother, Tommy, in contrast, has just been released from prison, and is considered shiftless and no good.
The shiftless Shelley was eventually kicked out by Fran and decided to make a new life in America.
Rifle Pass' has an aging sheriff trying to get his shiftless son to prove himself by appointing the young man a deputy and sending him after the outlaw Harry Sanford.