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treatment of symptoms by applying pressure with the fingers to specific pressure points on the body

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Manufactured at the highest quality standards and with functions such as Full Body Massage, Shiatsu / Acupuncture, Air Compression, Reflexotherapy and others, the Japanese massage chairs can be used by adults and children for relaxation and therapeutic reasons.
Inada massage chairs combine shiatsu master massage movements with state-of-the-art Japanese engineering, and have been recognized around the world for their innovative design, therapeutic benefits, exceptional product quality and industry-best warranty.
She has a deep understanding of her native Taiwan skincare traditions, blendiing her expertise in shiatsu, Pilates and oriental facial massage she creates a facial that doubles as an art form.
Includes economy class return flights from London to Italy; car hire with vehicle insurance (driver must have held valid UK driving licence for min two years); three nights B&B at five-star Vigilius Mountain Resort, South Tyrol, Italy; sharing twin/double room; one complimentary shiatsu massage and one complimentary hayflower and juniper treatment for each adult; plus standard travel insurance.
The women's symptoms, the court was told, were caused by working over-long shifts, and by using Shiatsu pressure-point techniques with heavy pressure and at fast pace.
Shiatsu is based on the idea that vital energy flows through the body.
Normally performed on a shiatsu mattress with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing.
She then programmed the seat to give her a Shiatsu massage and settled down to watch the DVD on the screen that had dropped down from the ceiling.
But alternative or complementary Eastern therapies like acupuncture, shiatsu, and acupressure can help fend off injury and even speed healing.
A HEALING centre has been opened in Flintshire by Blue Banyan - a supplier of meditation and other products for yoga, Pilates, shiatsu, Reiki and crystal healing - which relocated from London to North Wales last year.
When your body is feeling stressed, work the kinks out with the Shiatsu Massaging Cushion SMB-300 ($149.
Elizabeth King, who had the job of providing shiatsu massage to travellers at London's Heathrow airport, reportedly took the airline to court when she could not continue working due to a repetitive strain injury that was caused by her work.
A Shiatsu workout is said to work wonders u and all you have to do is sit on the floor.
A former shop floor tool maker has swapped metal and machinery for the ancient Japanese system of healing Shiatsu.
Carts selling everything from beads to shiatsu massages have quickly diversified the mall's retail mix, Lebby said.