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a sale of property by the sheriff under authority of a court's writ of execution in order satisfy an unpaid obligation

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Buyers should pay more for REO homes, which they can inspect, than they would for a home at a sheriff's sale, where inspections are limited or impossible.
Though Moll executives attribute their decision to file for Chapter 11 on the sheriff's sale (the "main problem forcing it into bankruptcy," according to court documents), the company's financial troubles pre-date the failed sale and legal dispute with Invensys by several years.
The nearby latte-and-yoga enclave of Cleveland Heights has another 200 or so vacant homes; 133 went to sheriff's sale in 2004 alone.
The properties, comprised of several adjoining retail buildings, were acquired at a sheriff's sale in 1999, according to the plaintiffs' attorneys.
A judge ordered her to pay $2,000 in fees and late charge& When she still refused to pay, the association obtained a lien on her house and scheduled a sheriff's sale at which it attempted to sell two of her cars and a lawn mower.
The section of classified legal advertising called sheriff's sale home-foreclosure notices in some cases has jumped more than 30% from the previous year.
Pennsylvania's deficiency judgment procedures provide that if the lender is the successful bidder at the sheriff's sale for the property and then wants to pursue the borrower or any guarantors personally after the sale has occurred, the lender must first petition the court to fix the fair market value of the real estate in question.
Peterson retired in 1873 and four years later the paper was sold at sheriff's sale to Andrew E.
Each year thousands of properties are sold through the Marion County Sheriff's Sale List, with the majority comprising residential properties.
8 million: Lane County Sheriff's sale of a 55,700-square-foot retail building on River Road to Irving, Texas-based Bear Stearns Commercial Mortgage Securities, Inc.
Brown appealed from a trial court order confirming a post-foreclosure sheriff's sale of his residence and distribution of the proceeds.
I considered a sale a foreclosure if the transaction is recorded as a sheriff's sale.
Further, he wrote, "If a person's home is scheduled to be sold at a sheriff's sale, only a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop it.
The sheriff's sale of the Nebraska property was in 1925.
It simply bids at the sheriff's sale for the amount of its mortgage, and not a penny more.