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a broken piece of a brittle artifact

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The fill below the lowest floor (possibly above Stratum 4) contained an almost complete Base Ring I bowl together with sherds of White Slip I.
The pottery of Narva type, represented by fragments of pots, contains predominantly organic inclusion (of vegetal origin); in single sherds mineral inclusion (rock debris and sand), sometimes combined with organics, has also been detected (Kriiska 1997a, 14, 16).
o 1 to 4): 1) Vessel 11; 2) Vessel 12; 3) Vessel 14; 4) Drawing and photo of refitted sherd, with incised lines; 5-8) Four sherds decorated with dotted impressed lines, probably from the same vessel; piece 7 was found misplaced in stratigraphic unit 02 (drawings by M.
The site is exceptionally rich with sherds, and the name might be associated with the site's history of occasional building material robbing, so that what was left were sherds.
The analysed sherds came from 23 rice bowls, one teacup, one dish and a vessel that was either a cup or bowl.
Using the techniques of computed tomography (CT) and quantitative automated mineralogy, archaeologists can compare the mineralogy of pottery sherds with that of locally sourced clays, and understand the origins of the ceramics from sites under excavation within Qatar.
Till date they have found a few glass bangles, iron nails, fragments of a miniature stone lion, terracotta beads and pottery sherds but no gold.
The answer is simple: because archaeologists are used to the tedious (and oftentimes boring) work of measuring, weighing, cataloguing and profiling shells, bones, pottery and ceramic sherds, broken fragments that are each numbered and recorded.
Much, he suggests, comes from her ability to perceive in technology's language the kinds of hidden meanings found in Native American pottery sherds and textile designs.
In the midst of the many sherds that were discovered in the big refuse pit was a large amount of usable artifacts, whose presence in the pit raises questions.
Dikaios decided to excavate here following the recovery of Middle Bronze Age sherds and stone tools some nineteen metres from the surface where a modern copper mining adit intersected ancient workings in a small copper ore body on Aletri hill.
This first number for 2013 starts with a provocative paper by Christophe Sand about why Lapita pots are nearly always found as small sherds.
Nampeyo's original work was inspired by ancient sherds of Hopi pottery unearthed by Jessie Walter Fewkes.
It would be misleading to call it a treasure trove, but lying atop a jumble of nondescript ceramic sherds lay a veritable "diamond in the rough"--a Jesuit ring.
The seal was discovered on the floor of the ancient building, where pottery sherds characteristic of the period were also discovered, as well as evidence of a fire.