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a broken piece of a brittle artifact

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We analysed altogether 20 redware ceramic vessels from the late 14th-16th century contexts, including ten ceramic sherds from Gubbacka and comparative materials from two other sites--five sherds from the medieval Hanseatic town of Tallinn and five sherds from another rural medieval village site, Mankby, situated in present-day Espoo in Finland, ca.
The analysed sherds came from 23 rice bowls, one teacup, one dish and a vessel that was either a cup or bowl.
Theis Ivan Solling, the manager of Maersk Oil's Digital Core Laboratory, explained how the procedure is carried out: "Small sections are cut from each sherd using a diamond-bladed saw, placed in a mould, coated in epoxy resin and left to solidify for 24 hours.
Sherds of Roman pottery give a good clue as to who may have been doing the slighting.
Since 2009 the British Museum has been home to the Sir Percival David Collection, (1) so there are now about 200 Cizhou and Cizhou-type wares on the Bloomsbury site, as well as a sherd collection.
Her challenge is to re-assemble centuries-old jugs, tankards, plates and pots from the mound of pottery sherds, or pieces, on her kitchen table.
Whereas the ceramic samples consist predominately of plain shell and plain sand tempered fragments, the occurrence of both Carthage Incised and Lamar Complicated Stamped pottery sherds provides some insight into the lack of cultural homogeneity within the Protohistoric Period occupations at Hickory Ground.
Within the structure, there was also an additional plastered pit filled with an ashy deposit, an area of compacted floor surface, spreads of pot sherds and ground stone tools.
As seen in Table 1, the sherds were typed according to level of decoration style and the number within each level was multiplied by the scale provided by Miller (1991a).
Immersing herself in drawings, sherds and musty English tomes, she formed an education and appreciation for the quality of work the ancients produced.
More tantalisingly, sherds of Roman pottery found in Moor Street and Park Street give a hint of perhaps a Roman farm in the Bull Ring area.
This paper summarizes a petrographic analysis often thin sections prepared from Riggs and Fort Yates ware sherds (ca.
I report two significant advances in our knowledge of the human occupation of the Torres Strait: new radiocarbon estimates for the antiquity of settlement of the Murray Islands, eastern Torres Strait, and a description of the recovery and petrographic analysis of several earthenware pottery sherds, the first to be recovered from the Torres Strait Islands and the earliest evidence of pre-European trade links between the Torres Strait and New Guinea.
ABSTRACT--This article summarizes the results of petrographic analysis conducted on prehistoric ceramic sherds collected from two archaeological sites located in geologically and physiographically dissimilar regions of Tennessee.
Pottery sherds and organic materials found within the pits further speak for the ancient people who used the river.