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a broken piece of a brittle artifact

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With regards to the latter, a body sherd from a rim-decorated piece may be incorrectly typed, but even so, the value differences between undecorated and minimally decorated vessels are relatively small.
I report two significant advances in our knowledge of the human occupation of the Torres Strait: new radiocarbon estimates for the antiquity of settlement of the Murray Islands, eastern Torres Strait, and a description of the recovery and petrographic analysis of several earthenware pottery sherds, the first to be recovered from the Torres Strait Islands and the earliest evidence of pre-European trade links between the Torres Strait and New Guinea.
Sample 40WM01-3--This sherd was initially described as having a non-decorated outer surface tempered with large fragments of crushed shell.
The Hormuz sherds are very similar to a type of blue and white porcelain that has been found in the Jingdezhen kilns, where vast amounts of well-dated imperial porcelain have been unearthed.
In fact, no sherds discovered at Sukhotai can be definitively dated to later than the 14th century, and no archaeological sites containing Sukhothai examples elsewhere in Southeast Asia have been dated to later than the early 15th century (Brown 2000: 66).
However, the disturbances had brought pottery sherds to the surface and allowed Yasmine to identify some of the residences established on the lower slopes (Yasmine 2006: 14, 47-48).
It was in one of the rawdhats that the archaeologists came across evidence of more recent campers, in the form of coins dating to the 1970s, a Pepsi bottle sherd and even a platform shoe of the type that was in fashion at that time
To potoholics, as well as archaeologists, a broken bit of pot, known as a sherd, can be a treasure.
Here, the case is made for quantification by sherd count, with mention of "experimental weighing" for some assemblages (p.
Only one sherd has some decoration, which consists solely of small shallow round imprints (5 mm in diameter) running in horizontal rows on the outer surface (Fig.
Chapter topics include discussions on chiefdoms in the Alto Magdalena, delimiting the archaeological community, household locations and agricultural resources, sherd densities and demographic dynamics, artifact assemblages and household activities, and a summarization of the sequence of change at Mesitas.
In case of one rim sherd, the light brown glaze has spilled over onto the break (TM A 92: 2550), which is a firm proof of production waste.