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At the Center, she decides to play the virtual reality game Heir Apparent, in which she will spend half an hour pretending to be the shepherdess Janine de St.
Jane Satterfield's second published collection of poetry, Assignation At Vanishing Point continues to document her as one of the best of contemporary poets working today and that her first anthology, Shepherdess With An Automatic, was indeed a precursor for more of her original and memorable verse to come.
A typical example of this agenda-driven interpretation is her assessment of the shepherdess Pastotella (FQ 6,9): "In the case of Pastorella, beauty is used as a metaphor for inherent nobility which implies civility, goodness and, most importantly, English Protestant superiority" (113).
Morag Boyd, 32, who trained as an architect before deciding to become a shepherdess, will be paid pounds 16,000 a year to watch the flock.
It is a series of tone poems, the names of which will give some idea of their content: "In a Haunted Forest," "Summer Idyll," "In October," "The Shepherdess Song," and "Forest Spirits.
The recent show involved a pastoral, in a bland eighteenth-century style, in which a gentleman angler shows his minnowlike catch to a shepherdess type who seems disproportionately alarmed.
Paden's essay, "The Figure of the Shepherdess in the Medieval Pastourelle," is an example of the transition of the figure of shepherdess in medieval French pastourelle.
Finally, in his last years, he devoted himself almost entirely to the theatre, most memorably perhaps in his two Greek productions, especially The Faithful Shepherdess, a magical evocation of Arcadia in the Surrey woods, with a Greek chariot pulled by splendidly-caparisoned oxen and a colossal statue of Pan, round which (as a faded photograph shows) the chorus circled in a way reminiscent of the Italian students dancing in a ring round Jim Stirling at the Venice Biennale in 1991.
Although her name is never mentioned, Milton is convinced she is Amaryllis, the shepherdess from Virgil's Ecologues and the spirit of pleasure and diversion in "Lycidas.
Amanda, known as The Yorkshire Shepherdess, is appearing on Series 5 of Ben Fogle's New Lives in the Wild.
SHEPHERDESS Gill Downey from Wirral, pictured, was looking for a new home for Pollyanna, the sheep she rescued after it was rejected by its mother and was currently staying with her in Parkgate.
And in the sheep shearing section, the secretary is shepherdess Rachel Lumley of Blanchland.
Snowdon is wet and the work can be lonely but for a shepherd or shepherdess who loves sheep, sheepdogs and walking it will be the perfect job
With no commentary, we hear from a shepherdess, Herdwick sheep farmers, National Trust workers, mountain rescue teams, climbers and numerous other men with beards.
Allerlei Benavides provides additional humor as Phoebe, a shepherdess who crushes on Rosalind's Ganymede, until the big reveal at the end.