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The Men spoke for several minutes, embraced and exchanged gifts of a Shepherd's crook and the medal of the Pontificate.
But after telling my opening story, in which I encountered a shepherd's crook, the publisher felt that a more lively title would better reflect what the book was about.
BUT I'M AFRAID THIS IMAGE HAS MADE IT TOO EASY FOR many of us to hit the delete key on this feast altogether since it seems so directly concerned with the men who hold the shepherd's crook and those who make formal promises of obedience to them.
The thief or thieves also stole other symbols of the bishop's off-ice--including Lipscomb's gold shepherd's crook, miters and pallium.
The winners get a shepherd's crook and if they are exceptionally good I'll throw in a bottle of malt.
It isn't without reason that a bishop carries a shepherd's crook.
The confessional text has often been the measuring rod with which to hit [someone] and not the shepherd's crook on which to hang the church's lantern," he said.
What if a potential Glenn Hoddle has been lost to the nation because his parents have forced him to spend his leisure time crouched pointlessly over an upturned shepherd's crook instead of doing what comes naturally?
The Fairie Lantern ($45), with its shepherd's crook base, stands just 12 1/2 inches high.
One has put out the other, and the sword has joined the shepherd's crook, and both together are forced to take their way into error
It was a joy to revisit the frieze-inspired shepherd dances; and the boyish solo for Daphnis with his shepherd's crook was uniquely suited to Bruce Sansom's unaffected style.
The plan calls for crosswalks of earth-tone brickwork, sidewalk benches and bike racks, fountains, shepherd's crook street lights and works of public art.
Keep rescue equipment handy: a long pole with a shepherd's crook, life preservers and a long rope.