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a worker who puts things (as books) on shelves

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SARS was formed to provide a reliable commercial service to any business or individual who wants to keep an eye on the status of their assets in a highly usable and portable format, said Shelver.
Shelver will remain with the company as Chief Technical Officer.
Larry Shelver, CEO of GeoBio commented, "This is a wonderful opportunity, which represents significant progress in launching sales of El Gas NA's data reporting and volume conversion products.
Researchers have found that due to its intensive use, triclosan or its metabolites are present in waterways, fish, human milk, serum, urine, and foods, notes Shelver.
Bradley Shelver also got his tattoos with dance specifically in mind.
He has been consistently successful in developing new markets, penetrating new territories, identifying and capturing new business and managing the process," said Clayton Shelver, CEO of SARS.
Larry Shelver, CEO of GeoBio added, "We are excited about the opportunity to work with this utility and believe this represents significant progress in launching sales of El Gas NA's maxiDATCOM instrument.
This is what career development is, and this is true across the whole organisation from the library manager to the shelver.
So say Weilin Shelver, a chemist, and David Smith, an animal physiologist, in the Animal Metabolism-Agricultural Chemicals Research Unit of ARS's Red River Valley Agricultural Research Center in Fargo.
Larry Shelver grew up near Puget Sound watching the ships and dreaming of a day he could be the man at the helm.
As a result of these actions, SARS has cut costs, created a strong distribution network, standardized its technology to make it world class, and added "best of breed" partners, such as RackSpace and Flextronics, to meet the expectations of its customers," said SARS CEO Clayton Shelver.
Shelver at Fargo are developing an even more efficient procedure--an immunoaffinity column method--which requires minimal use of chemical solvents for the isolation of dioxins from foods.
The Yukon alone is a 2,000 mile-long, second "Alaska Highway" says Larry Shelver, the general manager of Yutana Barge Lines.
This resulted in cutting our equipment costs by 35%, reducing the production cycle by half and increasing our manufacturing capacity to 5,000 units a month," reported Clayton Shelver, CEO of SARS Corp.