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hedge or fence of trees designed to lessen the force of the wind and reduce erosion


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2], is in the centre of the shelterbelt forest region and suffers from serious soil erosion and desertification.
Groundwater samples from artificial wells under a cultivated field and a shelterbelt were taken once a month during five years (2005-2009) and investigated.
5-55 weeks) housed in 2 naturally ventilated sheds did not have access to the shelterbelt and shade.
Front Nonresistance to justice opens with a memorable boyhood story of the author, Krvin Stutzman, working alongside his grandfather to clear brush from a wooded shelterbelt around the family house.
describe several major projects in China including the Three North Regions Shelterbelt Construction Project and the National Action Program to Combat Desertification.
Once the pickup outlived its usefulness, he retired it to a spot in the farm's shelterbelt.
The grade two land, between the properties of Hafodyllan and Wurain near Llanynys, included a small copse of shelterbelt.
When I pass a small tree farm, young evergreens surrounded by a shelterbelt of much older oaks and maples--Beautiful country, I say to myself.
Booker owns a habitat restoration business called Shelterbelt, and he embodies a shift toward a job sector which may employ millions of Americans in the future.
The shelterbelt provides protection for the livestock, screens the facility from an adjacent highway, helps clean the air, and is providing wildlife cover for deer, turkeys, and pheasants.
Researchers are experimenting with field covers of such nitrogen-rich plants as Berseem clover, said Jim Brandle, a university professor in shelterbelt ecology.
A shelterbelt is a longer barrier than a windbreak, usually consisting of shrubs and trees, and is intended for the conservation of soil and water and for the protection of field crops.
The others are the Supuma Shelterbelt, the Oppon Mansi, Tano Suraw and Suraw Extension Forest Reserves -- all in the Western region, and the Atewa Range Forest Reserve in the Eastern Region, believed to be the most mineralised reserve in the country.
The ongoing shelterbelt research is supported by a $553,000 grant from the USDA'S National Research Initiative.