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hedge or fence of trees designed to lessen the force of the wind and reduce erosion


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2], is in the centre of the shelterbelt forest region and suffers from serious soil erosion and desertification.
Function of a shelterbelt as a biogeochemical barrier in the agicultural landscape.
5-55 weeks) housed in 2 naturally ventilated sheds did not have access to the shelterbelt and shade.
There was barely time to stuff more shells in our guns as other kamikaze flocks cleared the shelterbelt and zeroed in on the fluttering windsocks.
Featuring our Shelterbelt Internet Management Service a turnkey solution to your Internet filtering requirements.
When I pass a small tree farm, young evergreens surrounded by a shelterbelt of much older oaks and maples--Beautiful country, I say to myself.
Zon, 1935, "What the study discloses" In: Possibilities of Shelterbelt Planting Region, Sect.
Most farmers are dead set on farming every inch, right up to the shelterbelt, or tree claim.
We pass a Latino field crew harvesting chard and burdock root, then turn past a shelterbelt of pines.
Booker owns a habitat restoration business called Shelterbelt, and he embodies a shift toward a job sector which may employ millions of Americans in the future.
Kohli RK, Singh D, Verma RC (1990) Influence of eucalypt shelterbelt on winter season agroecosystems.
The government launched a tree planting campaign in 1999 by establishing a five-kilometre shelterbelt.
Researchers are experimenting with field covers of such nitrogen-rich plants as Berseem clover, said Jim Brandle, a university professor in shelterbelt ecology.
From an ecological point of view, eastern redcedar is often used for wildlife habitat and in agroforestry practices for shelterbelt and windbreak plantings.
The ongoing shelterbelt research is supported by a $553,000 grant from the USDA'S National Research Initiative.