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shooting artillery shells

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Charles was wounded here for the third time, by shellfire, and was sent back to England, never to return to the fighting.
The strikes followed one of the bloodiest days of Israel's campaign against Gaza militants, with more than 100 people killed in a series of strikes and shellfire across the narrow coastal territory.
where dozens were killed by intensive Israeli shellfire.
Killed in action: Hit by shellfire, December |14, 1917, Arras.
He had refused to abandon his small Christian congregation and been with them over the last three years in spite of being besieged, having little food and being in constant danger because of shellfire.
While not severely damaged, the Allied ships had mauled the German vessel and destroyed its ship's galley and food provisions, with Langsdorff also left concussed by shellfire.
In November 2010, four people were killed by North Korean shellfire on Yeonpyeong.
She is now a widow, her husband killed by shellfire.
When he got to work with the nutcracker (bet that brought a tear to the poor crab's eye) it was, quite literally, like shellfire as we ducked for cover.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said shellfire near the Russian embassy in Damascus had killed a civilian and wounded a member of the security forces.
Turkey has struggled to find the right response to the Syrian civil war, which has brought shellfire, bombs, militias, refugees, sectarian tensions [now terrorism, DE] and uncertainty to its southern border.
Despite spending five months in hospital he was court-martialled for refusing to return to the trenches because he could not stand the noise of shellfire.
In one video heavy, gunfire can be heard in what is said to be clashes between Free Syrian Army fighters and Assad forces in Khalidiyah in Homs, with a second video showing the area coming under shellfire.