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Synonyms for shell-less

of animals or fruits that have no shell


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Egg production, broken-cracked eggs and shell-less egg were recorded daily from 23 to 70 wk of age.
A new shell-less snail, known as a nudibranch, Chromodoris fentoni, was just described by FWC biologists Nancy Sheridan and Joan Herrera, from a specimen collected by Daniel Fenton of Brandon, Florida.
Abnormal eggs having multiple yolks, shell-less and those with defective shells were recorded.
If these newly shell-less snails were allowed to mature and procreate, would their progeny (in the absence of platinum) still develop shells?
Yellowtail has replaced tuna in the grilled taco appetizer; shell-less crab legs surround the roasted cod; a diced Japanese fish cake is served with spicy chorizo, lentils and a poached egg; and the Spanish paella rice is flavored with salted squid innards and garnished with fresh squid.
John struck a deal with tradesmen in Mexico and recently had a consignment of 29,000 shell-less coconuts shipped over to England.
Shell-less Nucella lamellosa (Gmelin) from the rocky intertidal of San Juan Island, WA.