shell shock

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a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare

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In her book, Death or Deliverance: Canadian Courts Martial in the Great War, Iacobelli writes that in 1915, doctors believed that shell shock was caused by the literal explosion of shells; a soldier unfortunate enough to be too close to artillery fire would suffer debilitating injury to his nervous system.
In Shell Shock, the BNP Paribas Foundation is delighted to be supporting a work of European scale.
the issue of shell shock in his writing, the image of black soldiers
Shell Shock Cinema focuses on four films, each of which is analyzed in a separate chapter.
The Defence Secretary rejected Pte Farr's case on the grounds that it could not be proven conclusively that shell shock was behind Farr's refusal to go back to the front.
Shell Shock then exposes the company's appalling environmental record and reveals the possible ecological consequences of current plans to extract oil from Sakhalin Island, off Russia's Pacific coast.
Now it's four years out of high school and I am over the shell shock, so I feel a lot more chill.
The impact of World War I, despite disputes about shell shock, provided support for the breakdown idea, as opposed to a more gradual process of psychological deterioration.
Shell shock treatments during and after the First World War varied, from the idea that patients would be cured from psychoanalysis to harsh and sometimes cruel "suggestive" methods.
The Tweet Punisher illustrates Cellairis' commitment to innovation in thinking and design-melding the old world technology of a typewriter with the cutting edge technology of the Shell Shock.
The case was adjourned for reconsideration after an hour of argument in which Mr Fitzgerald suggested that Mr Reid's decision earlier this year upholding previous Ministry of Defence decisions not to grant a posthumous pardon may have been a "charade", and the minister had failed to approach the shell shock issue with "an open mind".
The family has always maintained her father was no coward but a victim of shell shock, and his plight was ignored.
They will be taking a further step in the long fight to win pardons for the 307 men - many suffering from shell shock - who were executed by firing squads between 1914 and 1918.
Several famous characters are working and being treated for shell shock there, and out of their encounters psychiatric breakthroughs, deathless poetry and complicated new perspectives on bravery and butchery are forged.
While it enables him to analyze a dazzling array of topics through the lens of masculinity - Andrew Jackson, the Gold Rush, Moby Dick, Ragged Dick, Social Darwinism, The Wizard of Oz, the Arts and Craft Movement, shell shock, Frederic Remington, fraternal organizations, Muscular Christianity, Superman, gangster movies, film noir, Joseph McCarthy, Charles Atlas, Playboy, Students for a Democratic Society, JFK, LBJ, Reagan and Rambo, Real Men Don't Eat Quiche, and George Bush to name a few - and to make trenchant observations about the instability of masculinity, there are drawbacks to this approach.