shell game

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a swindling sleight-of-hand game


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This is clearly the old shell game," said Butch Miller, national commander of the 2.
The tax is a shell game - money paid by hospitals comes back to them in the form of Medicaid reimbursements.
Banks claim that paying off higher interest obligations frees up capital for business lending, but that ignores the shell game by which Main Street citizens are footing the bill, and average citizens who own or are employed by small businesses won't be the ones who benefit," said Brett Thompson, WCUL president/CEO.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's bag of budget tricks is a shell game that seeks to add money to the state's general fund by shortchanging education and transportation.
The shell game that moves money from the federal treasury to the bands cheats First Nations kids of an education even roughly comparable to that of other Canadian children.
State of Maine, the justices said differentiating between money raised by the state and money raised by a municipality would be "to invite a shell game with public monies.
Although many politicians had resorted to this shell game before him, Mr.
When the investments didn't pan out, Gruttadauria began an elaborate shell game, using money from new clients to replace the failed investments of established clients.
Companies have been accused of using the insurance tool its a balance sheet shell game, a convenient way to hide bad news from investors, auditors, accountants and regulators, without actually transferring any risk.
Referring to the ways states manipulate Medicaid rules to boost federal contributions, Leavitt said, "It's a shell game that makes no one healthier.
Flying Blind exposes the absurdities that pass for airline security these days, but even more importantly, offers practical, effect, applicable solutions for fixing the problem of insecure airports, foolish nitpicking while the larger picture is ignored, and the shell game that's been going on (such as federalizing baggage inspector and airport security personnel by simply changing the color of their uniform jackets but providing little or no in service training to better do their jobs) to disguise just how vulnerable we continue to be.
Speaking at a press conference for the Stop The War Coalition in London, he said, 'This transfer of power is nothing more than another nut and shell game of the Bush and Blair coalition.
Chretien often has difficulty expressing himself, his reversal of position from 1982 to 2003 is transparent, not withstanding the Constitutional shell game of a scripted reference to the Supreme Court of Canada.
Thanks for pointing out that Bush's newly discovered interest in spending billions globally on AIDS is just talk, unless and until he backs his words with dollars ["Bush's Shell Game," March 18].
Dr MASSON introduces 11 substantial empirical papers ranging from `The origins of Maya civilization: the Old Shell Game, commodity, treasure, and kingship' (FREIDEL et al.