shell entity

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a company that is incorporated but has no assets or operations

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Bhargava and other board members seeking quashing of the " oppressive transaction" to save the company from becoming a shell entity.
The stakeholders said they could not see how the deal, which would turn Maruti into a shell entity over time, would benefit the Indian company.
Africa Israel and Boymelgreen sold the landmarked portion of the condo to CS Wall Street LLC, a shell entity that has left the landmark unit vacant.
A purported deal with an offshore shell entity to conceal multi-million dollar underwriting losses from AIG's auto-warranty insurance business;
Newhouse, EIDC's lawyer, said prosecutors' contention that Film US ``is a shell entity is flat-out wrong, and presumably their search warrants will confirm those facts.
Since 1966, a Shell entity has a 25% interest in Pars Oil Company, a joint venture that blends and markets lubricants.